Holistic Counseling

Sorcerers say that we are inside a bubble. It is a bubble in which we are placed from the moment of birth. At first the bubble is open but then it begins to close, until we are sealed inside. We live all our life inside that bubble. And what we perceive on its spherical parts is our own reflection

“The Isle of Tonal” Calos Castaneda

We are precisely these reflections that we see in others. We seem to meet an unknown face, a particular face, such a gross defect in the eyes of a passer-by, a friend, a stranger and instead …. even in that case we are talking about ourselves, our contours, the profile of our soul that we choose external guides to lead us to retrace our own reflection in the inner bubble in which we live. The figure of the Holistic Counselor accompanies this journey through those parts that are in conflict in particular moments of existence or even towards freedom from that vision of ourselves and others that sometimes constricts us, by using different methods and tools depending on the situation: socio-relational, religious, artistic and spiritual. The Holistic Counselor creates a transformation within, so to speak, and through listening, which is the first empathic movement of contact with the customer, they fortifying the inner talents and adaptive resources inherent in the human being but distinct in each individual. Using the voice thus, one opens their mind and unveils themselves, to possibly strengthen an intrinsic ability. Unique; just like we are.