The Reality of the Sacred

T Living the reality of the sacred is for many an abstract thing, something that is perceived beyond ordinary everyday life, a distant dot on someone else’s planet, a blurry region halfway between the interesting and the unspeakable, something difficult to hold, contain, express. Yet this spiritual tension has represented us since time immemorial, describes us, moves us towards new horizons, towards the adventures we create through the unique and unrepeatable settings of our life day by day, desire after desire, wound after wound. Love after love. And this is what I want to talk about: that desire that allows us to reach snowy peaks of wonder and overcome the thresholds of fear by taking us beyond the known, simply through a meeting, a word, a look, an empathic presence that becomes palpable and that sometimes manages to caress our essence, the most “sacred” part of us, even without realizing it. If contact occurs, if alchemy happens, something wakes up and begins to tell its story, begins to tell us how it would like to live in order to experience that love again. For oneself, for the other, for the world as one understands it. For that sacred movement from heart to heart. And this is where our journey begins. A delicate and powerful journey, in the temple of our truth.