The Voice: a Home for the Soul

The voice lives in the silence of the body, just like the body in the womb. But, in a difference to the body, it returns to it, abolishing itself at every moment as a voice and as a word. As soon as he speaks, the echo of this desert resounds in the void before the break, from where life and peace, death and madness spring. The breath of the voice is creator. Its name is Spirit.
Paul Zumthor

Our voice is a wealth of experiences, emotions and behaviors that we all continue to use and perceive every day from the inside and outside of our body as a primary socialization tool. Our soul shows itself in song, in word and in writing and breaks down into the very rich indentations of the sound that we consciously or unconsciously create. This course aims to be a sort of journey to discover your own sound and with it its energetic, vibrational and visceral origins, but also as a tool to discover the effects and the wonderful resonances of the contact with some often-unexplored parts of us. The voice as an identifying element of every human being is also a bridge between thought and physical reality that produces unique and unrepeatable worlds; as unique and unrepeatable as the infinite parts of which we are composed. And it is precisely in this colorful symphony of undulating motion that we can better understand where our voice originates, who is speaking in us and what songs he/she would like to sing.

The voice and its expression
The voice and the chakras
The chakras and the use of color
The fifth chakra and its blocks
The voice and emotion
The voice and color
The chorus: the amplification of a ritual

The inner voice: a home for the soul
Vibrational therapy
Guided meditations: finding your inner voice
In search of your talent
The 3 ways of receiving messages from our Self