Who I am

I begin my training course as an elementary teacher by completing my subsequent studies at the Facoltà di Lettere di Magistero di Firenze. While preparing for my Diploma as a Reiki Master, Usui method, I studied many forms of spiritual psychotherapy and personal growth at the Osho Miasto center, with a specialization in Codependency (with Krishnananda and Amana), Women’s Liberation (with Sudha and Kovida), and Voicing (with Pratibha). I obtained a Pranopractic Diploma from Amy University and a Holistic Counselor Supervisor certificate from Siaf (Italian Family Harmonizers Society) as a professional qualified by Law 4/2013 with the code TO011S-CO. I carried out the activity of singer and pianist on a professional level as a concert performer and teacher in various Florentine schools and throughout Italy with a specialization in jazz repertoire.
I have been working for 20 years with Reiki, voice and l’art-counseling, conducting seminars and private sessions through the practice of vibrational therapy, empowerment and creativity that I have called “The voice: a home for the soul”, a journey to the rediscovery of one’s inner talent with particular attention to the areas of voice and writing. In recent years, I have dedicated myself to telling my story and the stories of the women I have met throughout my life, and this inner journey has turned into a book “Hidden women. Life Portraits in black and white”, published by Infinito and in the eponymous theatrical piece, freely taken from the text.