Donne nascoste. Ritratti di vite in bianco e nero.

The subdued voice of the feminine. This is how a woman speaks of herself, this is how the 22 women who compose her and who give life to this novel are revealed, painting a roundup of internal events that upset their soul congested by the moths of desire, emotion, pain and hope. A soul that needs to speak of itself almost to recognize itself, to contact that something that is struggling to get out, that contains stills of life trapped in the walls of the house for some, clinging to painful secrets for others. But for all of them a sincere monologue, a throbbing fire, almost a poem of truth that reaches us intact and naked, vibrant and engaging. Silently Dignified.

“The true stories of the women I have known, listened to and brought into this book breathe with me. They all exude a deep hunger for the unspeakable” Barbara

“Donne nascoste. Ritratti di vite in bianco e nero” has also become a theatrical piece, which had its first performance in January 2015. Check out the next dates.